About Project:

TRIBECA will combine the style and luxury of a first-class hotel with the space and comfort of a luxuriously appointed apartment to create a whole new experience. Designed for both long stay comfort and value, as well as short stays, it offers exceptional business, entertainment and lifestyle services for travellers, business people or those just looking for a change to recharge their batteries.

Your decision to invest in the property through Tribeca comes with a host of benefits. We pride ourselves in providing investment opportunities that will yield attractive returns to our investors. We build hotels and residences in high demand areas, and provide excellent hospitality services to ensure that these properties enjoy high occupancy levels and great rental rates – factors that in turn spell lucrative returns for our individual hotel suite owners.
With an option to own and occupy, lease short/long-term, or include in the Fairlane Hospitality Management pool, investors of the Tribeca Residences are well-placed to benefit from Kuala Lumpur’s continually evolving economy.

  • Limited competition in the branded residences sector
  • 4+4 years Management Agreement
  • Reliable returns from Fairlane Hospitality-branded asset management
  • Competitive tariff rates and expected high occupancy due to strategic location
  • ENJOY 14 days FREE STAY per annum

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January 14, 2014


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