About Project:

Why apply Vanuatu Passport/Citizenship Programme :

1. Tax free heaven for businessman
2. Visa free for about 130 countries
3. Stand a better chance to apply PR or Citizenship for some designated country, if base on quota
4. Stand a better chance to get a place for children education for some designated country, if base on quota
5. The fastest and reasonable investment or cost to get a passport or citizenship

1. Investment/Contribution and Processing Fee
     • Single Applicant : USD 150,000
     • Add Spouse : Add USD 25,000
     • Add Dependant (children age less than 18) : Add USD 20,000 each
     • Add Dependant (children age more than 18) : Add USD 50,000 each
     • Add main applicant Parent : Add USD 100,000 (each USD 50,000)

2. Duration Of Whole Process : 2 months to approve

3. 1st submission – Pre-approval Background Check
     a. USD 10,000 to USD 30,000 (Due diligence check fee – no refundable)
     b. Letter of Good Conduct (Police Clearance)
         (Main applicant, spouse, Children 18+ and parent, if applicable)
     c. Pre-approval Forms
     d. Passport copy (picture page) – certified copy (Main and spouse)
     e. ID Card or Driving License - Certified and translated copy
          (If not in English) (Main applicant)
     f. Resume (Main applicant)

4. About 10 days to approve (Reference No. and Approval Date will be given)

5. 2nd submission – Full submission & Approval
     a. USD 140,000 or more(balance of payment), as depend on no. of applicant
     b. Citizenship Nomination Form
     c. Medical Certificate/Letter (all applicants)
     d. Colour photo (better in soft copy)
     e. Asset report (Not less than USD 400,000) (Movable or immovable)
     f. Employment Letter (if been employed)
     g. Bank Reference Letter
     h. Professional References, Academic Certificate (if applicable)
     i. Birth Certificate, husband & wife, children
     j. Marriage Certificate, if applicable

6. It takes about 2 to 3 weeks to approve

7. Take Oath Ceremony either in person in Malaysia or via online 
    Teleconference (all family members must be present)

8. Pick up the Vanuatu Citizenship Certificate and from Vanuatu Embassy or

9. All payments to be made directly to bank account of :
      “ Consulate General Of the Republic Of Vanuatu “


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October 5, 2020


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